Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving 2008!

Thanksgiving was it usual Yummy feast!! We missed the Beckstroms, but we are excited to see them soon!

This is Mom and Dad's favorite Thanksgiving Day pose...

Greg decided to sample all 6 different pies...


& After....!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween 2008!

As November keeps marching on, I know I better post about Halloween before Thanksgiving gets here!! We had so much fun on Halloween this year, we had dinner, a carnival and trunk or treat at the church. The kids enjoyed dressing up, CJ was a ghost, Ethan a Jedi warrior, Gracie (and me) a kitty and the twins were Buzz and Woody (because they are so ADDICTED to watching Toy Story EVERY day!!). I got some fun photos of the kids during the trunk or treat, where Suzette, Colin and Shatzie stopped by.

The kids are already planning on what they want to be for next year! Whew! At least I have another year!!!

To Infinity....

Trunk or Treat!!

Suz, Colin & Shatzie

Gracie and a few of her friends...

Rocked-out Cousins!

Its ALLLLL about the CANDY!!

Sleeping Buddies

As much as our twins are trying and tiring, there are the times when they are too cute for words. Recently, they have been buddies (more than usual) and I have been finding them asleep together. Our little "Sleeping Buddies".

FHE Halloween cookies

Sometimes we attempt to do TOO much on FHE night. And this was one of them. We made spider cookies and tried to get 3 pumpkins carved for Halloween. As you can tell, the kids helped me with the cookies and Greg got stuck carving the pumpkins. He only got 2 carved and that took him most of the night since the kids picked out detailed patterns. But the cookies were successful!