Thursday, September 18, 2008

We survived IKE

Unfortunately Ike decided to blow our way and Fortunately we only had minor damage (a window leaked, power outage on and off and some blown over shrubs).   But what saddens us the most is that our little vacation home that I just recently posted about (the Sea Chelle), no longer stands.  Here is a before and after picture of the peninsula of Gilchrist which is east of Galveston Island.  Because it was on the "dirty" side of Ike, the entire peninsula of Crystal Beach and Gilchrist was wiped clean.  It is such an eerie feeling that a little town can one day exist and the next completely gone!  We are so sad that our future vacations will have to be planned somewhere else, but we will cherish our memories forever!  We pray for those who have lost everything that God be with them and help comfort them.



The tooth fairy comes for a visit!

Within a week, CJ and Gracie BOTH lost a tooth!  It was Gracie's first tooth and one of CJ's bigger back teeth.  The tooth fairy was busy!

School Starts!

I know I am late writing about the kids first day, but I still wanted to post pictures.  It is Gracie's first year of Kindergarden, which has been a little sad for me since she is my only girl and has been such a BIG helper with the twins this last year.  But I know she must grow up.